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Good news!! Kim Hyun Joong is returning to small screen with upcoming period action drama Age Of Feeling, which is to be aired on KBS. I loved Kim Hyun Joong in Playful Kiss in the role of a cold and handsome guy and he has a special place ever since, even when the acting is not that great. But I have this inexplicable fondness for him even when he leaves a lot to be desired from his acting. It has been three years since his last show, with one of his highly anticipated drama City Conquest being cancelled due to various reasons.

Age Of Feeling has seen a revolving phase of leading actors as it passed from Lee Jun Ki (who went on to do thriller Two Weeks) and then to Kwon Sang Woo (who preferred medical drama Medical Top Team) and now finally Kim Hyun Joong has been confirmed for the story set in 1930s Shanghai, during Japanese occupation of Korea and will tell a tale interspersed with love, passion, patriotism and friendship of youth in that era. The leading ladies are Im Soo Hyang (IRIS 2) and Kim So Eun, who will be reuniting with her Boys Before Flowers costar. I really want the latter to be the main lead as I like her a lot and have no idea about Im Soo Hyang owing to the fact that I’m not aware of any of her works. You guys have to help me out here.

Age Of Feeling sounds very much like last year’s super hit Gaksital (or Bridal Mask). Actually, I have no problem with that as I haven’t seen Gaksital yet (I knowww). I’m not 100 percent onboard but am very much interested to give Age Of Feeling a try. It is helmed by the PD of shows like Sweet 18 and The Man Who Can’t Marry and is based on the manhwa from the writer of Damo. The premiere date is in November with a 24 episode run.

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