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Master’s Sun beautifully juxtapositions romance and creepiness in its fifth episode. I giggled throughout the episode with the OTP interactions. It’s delightful to see that our hero Joong Won is slowly and slowly falling for our heroine Gong Shil and that was evident from the bits and pieces of jealousy and care and even giving comforting words to her. And she is clueless as she is all excited and giddy with founding someone (our second lead Kang Woo) who likes her. I like Kang Woo because he is so perfect in his manners but there are a lot of things unknown about him.

The ghost story of the day started out creepily but later on went for a bittersweet resolve. There were lots of comic interludes throughout the episode. What scared me a LOT was the new ghost story involving the kids and that scary doll. And yes, that eerie warning from that eccentric match maker that the spirits might want to return to this world through Gong Shil. It does make ground for the further major conflicts with lots of possibilities that may involve Joong Won’s ex-girlfriend.


I LOVED that last scene where Gong Shil is walking outside and Joong Won is walking parallelly inside with a glass wall separating them and he keeps on looking at her. It was so, so romantic. And all the scenes where Gong Shil swoons and feels so happy when she touches our hero are simply great.

Master’s Sun is still a crush for me but I think it is not long before this infatuation will turn into love if the things keep on going like they currently are and yes, better. And did I mention that So Ji Sub is so hot!!