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The Hero is a title that automatically introduces us to a film’s concept, which maybe about a superhero or some sort of ‘saving the nation’ kind. In this case, the movie starring Oh Jung Sae (Missing YouMen: An Operating Manual), it has a slightly different and ingenious context. The Hero is the upcoming family comedy movie where Oh Jung Sae plays a stuntman on a children’s television show about a superhero Thunder Man and also a single father to Jung Yoon Seok (Good Doctor). The TV show gets cancelled due to low ratings, which makes his son utterly depressed as he is its huge fan and he goes into sadness and despair. And so, our hero decides to be Wonder Man for his son’s happiness by creating an illusion that the superhero is real, saving the humanity. He takes help from his friends and donning the costume to accomplish this.

Aww. The story looks so adorable and cute and I’m sure filled with gusto and cheerfulness, and all the while, fitting the bill for an emotionally touching experience. The Hero releases on October 8.