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A new weekend drama is in the making that will follow Scandal on MBC. Talking about which, I’ve heard many people are liking Scandal in spite of its makjang plot. I have zero interest in it without any reason. Coming on to its successor, the title of the show is Golden Rainbow and it stars UEE as the leading lady with Jung Il Woo as her likely costar but he hasn’t confirmed yet. I have seen UEE in only You’re Beautiful and she really played her character quite efficiently mixing negative elements with funny beats. Her most successful drama Ojakgyo Brothers was also a weekend one, with sageuk-fantasy Jeon Woo Chi as her last show.

Golden Rainbow is a story of seven orphans who band together and form a family. They are poor but work hard, taking care of each other. UEE plays one of the orphans with Lee Jae Yoon (Cruel City) and Cha Ye Ryun (Dr. Champ) also joining her in similar roles. Kim Sang Joong plays their adoptive father who takes them in. He was simply awesome in City Hunter in the similar role but of course, entirely different in tone. Lee Chae Mi, the little girl who stole everyone’s heart in recently wrapped Two Weeks will play child version of UEE’s character while Kim Yoo Jung (The Moon That Embraces the Sun) plays her younger counterpart. It looks like the show will cover a whole lot of foundation story before jumping onto the adult portion..

Golden Rainbow comes from the writer and producer of another weekender May Queen and premieres on November 2nd. Check out the script reading pictures.

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