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I’m so glad that I liked both the episodes of the most anticipated drama of 2013 Heirs as I went in with low expectations, the second one more than the first. The show is a bit slow-paced but not in a dragging or boring kind of way. It is just flowing with giving enough time to understand what is going on with the number of cast members present with their respective story lines. I think Heirs has done a great job in introducing everyone without making it haphazard and naturally without giving the stereotypical one by one intro. Let me just talk first about the things that I didn’t like and then we can move on to the good stuff. I really got annoyed by the non-actors they have taken to play American roles, especially the guy who played our hero Tan’s friend. He looks seriously mad with his overacting. Also, all other extras are aggravating. I’m relieved that the second episode didn’t show any such characters except one or two. I don’t think our main actors’ English bothered me much as we cannot expect someone whose native language is not English to speak it fluently. No problems there.

Okay, now the good points. I’m so happy about Lee Min Ho‘s Tan. Firstly, it’s entirely different from the writer’s previous arrogant jerky heroes (see Secret Garden). Secondly, it is totally opposite to Boys Before Flowers‘ Gu Jun Pyo. Although I enjoyed both the roles I mentioned but I love that we have change here. Tan is thoughtful, kind of caring and doesn’t bicker all the time. Same goes for the candy heroine Park Shin Hye as she adds more layers to her clichéd role and the character is not happy with her poor condition and multiple part-time jobs, a factor which makes her non-candy-esque. I’m loving the couple with each scene as they share a warm and comfortable chemistry. I like their cute, romantic interactions blended with an awkwardness. Thankfully, we have a pair who, for a change, is not arguing all the time. There is this innocent and vulnerable charm with our OTP that makes me care for them and much credit goes to Lee Min Ho and Park Shin Hye for that.

All other characters are also interesting and I would love to see more of their stories and relationships getting unfolded. I want to mention Kang Min Hyuk and Kim Woo Bin who are really doing a great job. Apart from the younger roles, we have the whole parent generation and Tan’s half-brother Won (Choi Jin Hyuk) to form the other half of the story.

Heirs has many things to explore and I’m all excited for the part when everybody gathers in Korea for their high school session. All in all, I enjoyed Heirs a lot and I’m eagerly waiting for its upcoming episodes.