Jung Il Woo confirms ‘Golden Rainbow’ and poster shoot stills for the drama

2012.03.16. 정일우.양광삼 기자yks02@joongang.co.kr

After a long period of floating reports about Jung Il Woo (Flower Boy Ramyun Shop) joining the weekend drama Golden Rainbow, confirmations are finally in for him being the leading man opposite UEE. The new show from the team behind May Queen is a story of seven orphans who come together to form a family and have a bond stronger than blood. He will be playing the role of a prosecutor, which amuses me as this year we are seeing lots of prosecutors gracing our screen (See: Incarnation Of Money, I Hear Your Voice). He is a man who becomes alienated from his father when the latter gets remarried but he remains carefree and kind, with also being strength and support for UEE’s character.

Well, I haven’t seen any of Jung Il Woo’s dramas yet, so the news doesn’t make me excited. Also, a long weekend show is something I can ignore immediately (lessons learned after You’re The Best Lee Soon Shin where finding cute scenes between the annoying ones was just like nailing jelly to the wall). His last drama was the superhit sageuk The Moon That Embraces The Sun which came one and a half year ago and I’m sure his fans would be delighted to see him back after this long gap and that too for 50 episodes!! As for me, I can move on to greener pastures of my interest.

Check out the stills of poster shoot for Golden Rainbow which also stars Cha Ye Ryun, Lee Jae Yoon and  Kim Sang Joon in important roles. It follows Scandal on MBC.

gr1 gr gr2 gr4

4 thoughts on “Jung Il Woo confirms ‘Golden Rainbow’ and poster shoot stills for the drama

  1. evez

    …YAY!…i miss this cuite on screen after FBRS, i wonder if he finish his school already?…the last artcle i’ve read about him is that he’s busy studying…well so good, ‘coz he’ll be on screen again…i think this is going to be the second time that he’ll playing the role as prosecutor?…he did that already in MFL?….i think so…

    1. snow_white Post author

      FBRS is on my plan list….haven’t seen any of Jung Il Woo’s shows…..but I know that he has a huge fan following….

      really?? he took a break for studies…wow…

  2. yolizexperiment

    You haven’t seen Jung Il Woo’s work? You are in for a treat!

    Uee and him are the reason I’m considering giving this long drama a try.

    I wasn’t too happy with the ending of “49 Days” but seeing Il Woo’s portrayal of the Grim Reaper made it a watch I will never regret 😉

    1. snow_white Post author

      I really want to watch his shows as I’ve read so many good things about him….and I recently got to know that he is best friends with Lee Min Ho, who is my favorite actor and that adds to more interest in him… 🙂

      I’m avoiding long dramas for now….but maybe if something good comes up, I’ll give a try….


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