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Or with Kim Tan. Or Lee Min Ho. I can’t guarantee this post will make any sense because I’m so excited for Heirs right now. I’m just gonna pour my feelings. The wait for next week is intolerable and my ‘like’ for it has now converted into ‘love’. Just to be less confusing, I’m just jotting down some points which I liked.

  • Firstly, our hero Kim Tan. I knew I liked him right off the bat when he was shown in a completely different light from what we expected (or rather had apprehensions about). He is thoughtful, caring and a decent guy.
  • The main couple. They are so sweet. I can understand why Tan fell for Eun Sang so soon. He saw her in the similar circumstances as his own and being lonely for so long, he just felt connected to her. And of course, she is so cute. I can’t say it’s love but the attraction and infatuation is definitely the right word for them. I love their silent moments, the way they look at each other, it is all so adorable and romantic. And Lee Min Ho is nailing it with his intent gazes. My heart just melts whenever he does that. I liked the natural conversations between the couple with very less bickering and more of a friendship vibe which I found refreshing. Even the awkwardness is part of fun for me.
  • I liked all the scenes of episode 3. Going to that almond farm, then when their car broke down, the motel and finally when they parted. I love Eun Sang for all her extra personality traits apart form being the typical hard-working girl. She doesn’t like it (for a change) and knows how to enjoy when a situation permits. Also, she is so cute with her horror movie obsessions and references. She might be plain on paper but Park Shin Hye adds her own energy and cuteness to it. I liked the note which she pasted on the board that it was all like a dream to her. Also, she clearly stated her reason to not show any interest in Tan when she said about the Hollywood sign that it looks so close and yet, it’s so far.
  • Episode 4 brought them under the same roof and I loved their hide and seek. When Tan writes on her social networking account that he is there to attest that it was not a dream, I just found it endearing. And from the time when Tan gets the inkling that Eun Sang might be the girl in his home, his impatience when she doesn’t reply and finally the moment when he opens that kitchen door, I felt my heart racing with excitement and I just loved Lee Min Ho’s expressions and I think it was then that I realised that now I’m in love with the show. There was this mixture of being pleasantly surprised and the realisation of the simple truth that they are so far away even when it’s only a door that parts them. I’m glad that Lee Min Ho took on this role where he is head over heels in love, and is mature at the same time (unlike Gu Jun Pyo). Just to make my point, I’ve added the screen caps:

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  • The other random things: Surprisingly, I like the relaxed pace of Heirs. Also, the different interconnected characters. I’m so looking forward to the Tan-Young Do face-off and want to know what happened between them. Also, I think the show must reveal the mystery behind Tan’s big bro Won’s harsh treatment. I loved that scene when the kids won over Young Do. So funny. AndΒ Chan Young remains the most adorable and warm character of Heirs. And yes, Tan’s mom is hilarious as well.