Preview for Heirs: Episode 5


The waiting period of seven days for the next episode of Heirs seems like seven years. I’m so in love with the show and the major credit goes to Kim Tan or Lee Min Ho. I liked him right from the very first episode but he is just getting better and better and making me more and more excited for the upcoming episodes. The new preview for Heirs is simply amazing. We get to see a happy and cheerful Tan, and lots of other goodies as well. I think Park Shin Hye looks breathtakingly beautiful in the show and as fresh as a daisy. No wonder the guys are getting mesmerized by her left and right. LOL. I’m loving this sweet couple and so looking forward to their interactions. They have this great mix of romance and friendship vibe that I really like.

SBS is being very generous this past week to make the viewers pass the time with lots of stills. My crazy fangirling has started, which is evident from the fact that I’ve seen the last scene of episode 4 numerous times. LOVED IT. And also, I want to add that the background score is efficiently mixed with Tan’s feelings in that particular scene.

Check out the preview for episode 5. I’m waiting for the drama with bells on!!

9 thoughts on “Preview for Heirs: Episode 5

  1. Caitlyn

    Seriously, all day tomorrow I’m just going to be wanting work to hurry up so I can get home and watch this! Well, this and Secret, which is equally addictive.


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