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I’m really enjoying Mi Rae’s Choice (or Marry Him If You Dare). It’s cute and adorable with a lightning fast pace with dollops of humour to make a perfect feel good rom-com. The performances are great across the board with some nicely sketched characters. There is also a delightful exploration of the broadcast station as it is the set-up of our show, giving it a workplace drama vibe as well. Of course, the centre is the time travel but I like that unlike the previous dramas based on time slip, this show is very contemporary in its tone as we are dealing with future and present. Future Mi Rae does annoy me with her meddling as she is not only changing her past, but also affecting others’ happy lives as well. The main theme is whether one can mess up the fate or things will go accordingly even if they take place little differently. One of my issues with the show is that our hero Kim Shin developed the romantic feelings after he saw a dream with Mi Rae, which echoes what originally happened between the two. I would have preferred any day if that feeling came by naturally. Maybe that dream opened the closed sentiments? Well, whatever.

I’m liking all the characters and actors. Lee Dong Gun has made a smashing comeback with a role that is not entirely a cold fish but is very dedicated to his work, giving him a different personality; and Yoon Eun Hye has already mastered the romantic comedy genre and is effortlessly charming. Jung Yong Hwa has improved a lot and his soft smiles and gazes just hit all the romantic buttons for me (He does that so well and that’s the reason I fell in love with him in You’ve Fallen For Me). Han Chae Ah is likeable as well. I love that after the first bickering meet, our couple has developed a normal colleague rapport and they have a natural equation. Plus, Lee Dong Gun and Yoon Eun Hye are having a great chemistry. Also, I want to add that all these four leads have interesting dynamics with each other as well.

I just wish the show will answer more questions before creating new ones. Otherwise, it will turn into a labyrinth where I won’t know which way to go or even where it all started. For now, I guess there is no point in guessing different permutations and combinations. I’m simply taking pleasure in watching Mi Rae’s Choice and giving the chance to the drama itself to clear all doubts. It does look convoluted at times but has its moments despite working with a fast speed.

Check out the preview stills that have Mi Rae and Se Joo having a goodbye moment and our OTP getting wet and having fun. I’ve not reached the phase of ‘can’t wait for next’ yet, but Mi Rae’s Choice is definitely zippy and lively and I keep looking forward to its next episode.

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