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My initial reaction was utter disappointment regarding upcoming romantic comedy Prime Minister And I as it has cast a couple which is as different as chalk from cheese. Or night and day. And I’m definitely not talking about age here. That doesn’t bother me as far as the actors are great or have a comfortable chemistry. The perfect example is one of my favorite pairings this year: Lee Jong Hyuk and Sooyoung. My issue was that Lee Bum Soo (History Of The Salaryman) is beyond reproach in his acting and charisma while Girls’ Generation’s Yoon Ah (Love Rain) was simply unappealing and mediocre in the only thing I’ve seen her in, 9 End 2 Outs. Well, that came in 2008 and hopefully she must have improved since then. The thing is the plot sounds like a music to my ear as it involves a contract marriage (yay!!) and I find it refreshing as well as prefer the ‘a-bit-older man-younger woman’ romance over the noona one by a large degree. This, and addition of Yoon Shi Yoon (Flower Boy Next Door) finally made me overcome my initial displeasure and now I’m excited about the show which is penned by the writer of Sweet 18 and Take Care Of The Young Lady and the direction is by PD of shows like Ad Genius Lee Tae Baek and Baby Faced Beauty; which looks like a team giving light and cute shows.

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Prime Minister And I is a love story involving a Prime Minister as well as single father (Lee Bum Soo), who is efficient in his job but a failure when it comes to handling his kids and household, and a young female reporter (Yoon Ah) who steps in to take care of children. Some reports have mentioned that the pair will undergo a contract marriage in this process and I’m taking this last part with a grain of salt till I get the sure shot confirmation over that part (please include it!!). Yoon Shi Yoon plays prime minister’s chief of staff with perfect brains and looks. In addition to these three, we also have Ryu Jin (Baby Faced Beauty) as minister of strategy and finance who is rival to our hero as well his brother-in-law. Complicating their relations is Chae Jung Ahn‘s (Coffee Prince) character who is prime minister’s assistant and university junior and also the first love of Ryu Jin but obviously loves the hero. Oh, it’s getting complicated. Then, the drama also stars Lee Min Ho (of Sword And Flower fame) as a reporter.

I’m getting the mixed vibes of Sound Of Music and The American President from this show but I’m looking forward to it as it has embroidered itself with some of the actors I really like and the plot has intrigued me as well. Prime Minister And I follows Mi Rae’s Choice, which puts its premiere in December.

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