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Yoon Eun Hye makes drama comeback with ‘Fluttering Warning’ opposite Chun Jung Myung

It’s very surprising that popular actress Yoon Eun Hye has not done any drama since 2013’s Marry Him If You Dare, that’s 5 long years! After huge success and popularity of Goong and Coffee Prince, both in South Korea and overseas, her following dramas were mostly Continue reading


Crossdressing is one the most used themes in K-dramas. The dramaland is filled with mostly the following varieties of TV shows: rom-coms, melodrama, family, sageuks and thrillers. Romantic comedy is one of the most loved genres, be it locally or internationally and Korean TV industry makes rom-coms like nobody’s business. And that makes crossdressing a very suitable and sure-shot topic to use as it is accompanied by lots of options to further encapsulate various arcs in the plot: comedy and funny shenanigans, romance, angst, melo. Of course, the setting of a girl dressed as a boy (which is in most of the Continue reading

Preview stills for ‘Mi Rae’s Choice’ for episodes 5-6


I’m really enjoying Mi Rae’s Choice (or Marry Him If You Dare). It’s cute and adorable with a lightning fast pace with dollops of humour to make a perfect feel good rom-com. The performances are great across the board with some nicely sketched characters. There is also a delightful exploration of the broadcast station as it is the set-up of our show, giving it a workplace drama vibe as well. Continue reading

Lively and cheerful posters for ‘Marry Him If You Dare’


Marry Him If You Dare (or Mi Rae’s Choice) is premiering in few hours. Its preceding drama Good Doctor received good ratings and that way, it has a good possibility to take the rating baton from it. Also, the competing shows have mediocre to low numbers, so that’s advantageous for it. The show has old formula of romantic comedy repackaged with the twist of time travel. It tells story of a Continue reading