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Dramaland never gets tired of medical dramas. I find them as interesting as watching your clothes spin around as they dry in a washing machine . The ‘case of the day’ and the requisite cliffhangers are just too episodic in nature for my drama enjoyment. This very year we were given Good Doctor and Medical Top Team and now the latest Emergency Couple is in the making. The silver lining: it’s a tvN show so we can expect something fresh. Also, the leading man is Choi Jin Hyuk! I loved him in Gu Family Book but he was totally wasted in Heirs and I’m glad he is the main lead in this show while the female lead is Song Ji Hyo (Mandate Of Heaven), whom I’ve only seen in Goong and I don’t really have any opinion about her (because I only paid attention to the OTP). I’ve read that she is really awesome in her hit variety show Running Man.

Emergency Couple is about a couple (obviously) who got married during their medical school days but got divorced, only to meet later as interns in the same emergency room. They used to fight like cats and dogs and it makes for an interesting premise about a separated couple coming together again with scope for angst as well as romance. The supporting cast includes Lee Pil Mo (Light And Shadow) and Choi Yeo Jin (who was mostly awesome in Incarnation Of Money).

The creative team behind Emergency Couple includes PD of She Is Wow and Paradise Ranch, and the writer has Ruler of Your Own World on her resume. It will be the follow-up drama to current sensation Answer Me 1994 and plans to air from January with 20 episodes.