Kim Rae Won joins ‘Gangnam Blues’


This is awesome! I love Kim Rae Won and I love Lee Min Ho and now they are going to work together in upcoming action noir Gangnam Blues. I was already over the moon with Lee Min Ho trying something challenging and new with this kind-of serious film about dark power conspiracies at a time when Gangnam real estate development started. But with this new addition in the cast, I’m thrilled to bits. These two will play childhood buddies who turn into enemies in the dirty power struggle.

Kim Rae Won was my first K-actor crush with his lovely movie My Little Bride introducing me to K-entertainment and paving the way for my discovery of dramaland. I was searching for more of his films when I found that there is something more interesting out there aka dramas and the rest is history.  It’s funny though that I haven’t seen any of his shows but Love Story In Harvard and Gourmet are in my plan-to-watch list. Kim Rae Won has an endearing manner about him which makes him so likeable. His acting is full of warmth and he has that sweet quality where the more you see him, the more attractive he looks. His last drama was tear-jerker A Thousand Days Promise.

For me, the fact that these actors are acting in same project is enough to get the adrenaline and all other related hormones rushing. Gangnam Blues comes from the director of films like A Dirty Carnival, A Frozen Flower and Once Upon a Time in High School and plans to start filming in March 2014 with releasing it later in the same year.

5 thoughts on “Kim Rae Won joins ‘Gangnam Blues’

  1. evez

    YAY!…isn’t it awesome?…seems like Kim Rae Won lose some weight?…i do love this dude…and seeing him with LMH in a movie is somewhat great…

    ..Belated Merry Xmas to you and hope you’ll have the great year ahead!!!..nice snowy thing on your blog…i love it!!!…<3<3<3

    1. snow_white Post author

      I know right! KRW and LMH…together…will be an awesome thing….

      Merry Christmas to you too Evez 🙂
      And a very Happy New Year!!

      The snowfall feature is really cute..isn’t it..

  2. evez

    …HAPPY 2014 SNOW_WHITE!…and surprisingly Kim Rae-Won was the first K-cutie i’ve seen…the Korean drama awakening to me is Attic Cat..then i love watching American series and Attic Cat has changed my drama viewing habit..

  3. gwenitski

    Wow awesome! we shared the same thoughts about them, and its my dream come true that they will work on the same projects, both are my korean fave.. I hope there would be more to come..


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