Posters and stills for high school movie ‘Hot Blooded Youth’ with Lee Jong Suk and Park Bo Young


I love high school films as they come invested with love, warmth, friendships, fun, innocence, teen angst and nostalgia. Hot Blooded Youth is the upcoming teen romance film set in the 80s about the love lives and friendships of high school students. The film stars Lee Jong Suk and Park Bo Young in the lead roles along with Kim Young Kwang and Lee Se Young. Judging from the posters, it clearly has a youthful and retro vibe.

Taking place in a small town, the story has Lee Jong Suk (I Hear Your Voice) as a casanova while Park Bo Young (A Werewolf Boy) is the badass leader known as loyal gangster having one-sided crush on him, she is the love of boys’ leader Kim Young Kwang (Good Doctor). Hm, does that make these two like two peas in a pod? Lee Se Young (Adolescence Medley) is the new girl who is wooed by our hero. Wow, I love this merry-go-round of one-sided loves!

On the surfeit, there is nothing fresh in basic plot line of Hot Blooded Youth but what interests me is the array of cute characters and the actors playing them who have an easy charm. The setting in 1982 also makes the movie fresh as a mountain stream. The posters are innovative as well: each character having different reactions from the class in the background. Girls going gaga over our hero, students being scared of the gangsters-cum-leaders and finally, girls getting jealous of the new pretty girl! I’m definitely marking this as a must watch.

Hot Blooded Youth is releasing in January.

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4 thoughts on “Posters and stills for high school movie ‘Hot Blooded Youth’ with Lee Jong Suk and Park Bo Young

  1. randomsoju

    This is horrible but when I look at this movie I cannot help but think oh, look at the puppies, this will be nostalgic and chockful of the passion of youth, and oh wait it’s Korean—which one is going to die tragically?

    1. snow_white Post author

      LOL…i can totally understand that…Korean movies can be so weird…it is one of the reasons i don’t watch them a lot….
      By the time this will be available and get subbed, we’ll know it for sure if it’s a simple rom-com or a tragedy 😉

      1. Caitlyn

        That’s probably the benefit of having to wait for subs. By the time they’re out, we would have seen the reviews as well, so we’ll know whether it’s actually worth watching, lol


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