Posters and stills for ‘I Need Romance 3’


tvN’s period drama Basketball was highly anticipated for its non-formulaic and rich premise but it turned out to be disappointing. The next drama slated for its slot is the third installment of I Need Romance franchise with Kim So Yeon, Sung Joon and Nam Goong Min in the lead roles. I Need Romance 3 is set in a home shopping network where Kim So Yeon works as a marketing director who is extremely efficient in her job but not so in love. Still, she hasn’t given up the hope of real love. The heroine will be confused in love between Nam Goong Min’s work sunbae character and Sung Joon’s genius songwriter who knows her from childhood days. I may not be a fan of noona romance but I’m already in love with this couple as I can smell lots of sparks and sizzling chemistry between Kim So Yeon and Sung Joon. The supporting cast includes Wang Ji Won (recently seen in Heirs as Kim Won’s fiancée), Yoon Seung Ah, Park Hyo Joo and Park Yoo Hwan. I have no more than nodding acquaintance with most of the actors here except the main ones but they are enough to generate the interest even when I have received mixed reports on the earlier dramas of INR series. Hopefully the show will be breezy and satisfying and less frustrating, a common complaint most of the viewers had with previous versions.

Check out the posters and stills which look cute and fun. I Need Romance 3 premieres January 13 with Monday-Tuesday as the airing days.

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2 thoughts on “Posters and stills for ‘I Need Romance 3’

  1. danielaedith92

    omg I didn’t even know they were making a third one:) Love these series but for some reason the pictures make me feel this one is going to be more melodramatic that the previous ones which I’m hoping its not:/ either way still going to watch it:)


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