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Go So Young is making a comeback with ‘Perfect Wife’


I have always mentioned here that I love it when an actor returns to acting or drama world after a long hiatus. This time it’s Go So Young, who was a popular actress in the 90s and early 2000s. Her last drama was 10 years ago, Blue Fish in 2007. She is married to actor Jang Dong Gun. I haven’t seen her in anything (obviously!) but I’m mildly interested in her upcoming drama Perfect Wife, partly because of the above reason and partly because I don’t exactly know the main plot beyond the basic outline. Continue reading

Sung Joon and Han Ye Seul to star together in JTBC drama ‘Madame Antoine’


JTBC is a cable channel mostly known for its offbeat shows. But of late we are seeing some standard stuff as well — Falling For Innocence, My Love Eun Dong, and the upcoming romantic comedy Madame Antoine also seems to join the same list. It has confirmed Sung Joon and Han Ye Seul in the lead roles. I’m not too fascinated by the casting to be honest as I have never completed any of Sung Joon’s dramas yet (Gu Continue reading

‘High Society’ is chic and sophisticated


I already have too many irons in the fire, what with watching 4 dramas right now and I’m already planning to take more on my plate. What can I do when dramaland is offering so many attractive shows, all at the same time? It feels like ages ago when I was watching only Girl Who Sees Smells and now I’m continuously adding more and more to my list. I was already mildly interested in upcoming SBS drama High Society, Continue reading

Sung Joon, Park Hyung Shik, Im Ji Yeon confirmed for SBS drama ‘True Romance’ while UEE considers

sj uee The casting rigmarole was pretty long for upcoming SBS drama True Romance but finally it has succeeded in confirming its cast, well, almost. The show was formerly named Chaebol’s Daughter and tells the story about a rich girl who wants to experience true love. I think both the titles hit the nail on the head about the basic premise. The Continue reading

‘Hyde, Jekyll, Me’ hits the airwaves tomorrow

hjm (2)

Pinocchio is definitely a fantastic drama and although I haven 10 (!) episodes left to finish it, I can say this. Its follow up drama is Hyde, Jekyll, Me which is highly anticipated as it marks the return of hot star Hyun Bin to small screen. He last starred in 2010’s mega hit and hugely popular Secret Garden. I’m 100 percent watching it and can’t wait for it to start. It is about multiple personality disorder where Hyun Bin plays a third generation chaebol Continue reading