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I was so excited for Ghost-Seeing Detective Cheo Yong despite the usage of the ghost seer themes twice last year (the Hong Sisters rom-com Master’s Sun that was brimmed with charming chemistry of the leads and the other police procedural and melodramatic Who Are You.) I simply liked the more scary, dark aura of this show with the story line of two detectives of distinct personalities working together. And I’m always ready for a good mystery thriller any day! I was worried if it would even see the light of day because the show got delayed but now it is finally premiering on February 9 with total 10 episodes (another great point about it) and taking up the weekly slot of Sundays on cable channel OCN (we can expect quality then…right?).

Also floating around as simply Cheo Young, the drama is about an excellent detective (Oh Ji Ho) who has the ability to see ghosts from birth but has shut himself off from the world after he lost his family in a tragedy and now works as a district cop albeit with no interest. One day he starts talking to a high school student’s ghost (Jun Hyo Sung) and gets involved. He starts solving crimes with another efficient female detective (Oh Ji Eun) and his power helps them in their course. The drama looks seriously creepy and although the ghosts of Master’s Sun gave more smiles than fear, here the case seems to be of the opposite manner.

I like the cast, premise and overall feel and if the show is executed with a brisk pace and deft direction, then it will definitely get the rapturous reviews from me. I’m totally watching it!

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