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Episode 13 of Prime Minister And I was again awesome with tracing a nice path towards Yul’s confession about his feelings towards Da Jung. He is such a great character, and I love that his nature of being thoughtful, gentlemanly, principled, sensible and understanding always remains constant whatever he does. This is what makes him different from the usual drama heroes who have an ego of the size of Pacific Ocean or are cold, but Yul is so warm and simple who always thinks about the people and his own feelings in a very concerned, understanding way. The main couple here is equally fascinating as they bicker like a normal husband and wife and at the same time, they have honest heart to heart talks as well.

Starting with Da Jung’s confession, Yul proceeds to explain her that it might be just her infatuation. But himself comes open with accepting that he feels attracted towards her. Then he tells her about his past where his wife had an affair but he actually blames himself for that as he made her lonely. He even feels responsible for her death. That is the major fear he has that if he loves someone again, he might make them lonely. And aside from this very reason, he also knows that there is an age difference between him and Da Jung and he is already a married man. I was wondering why the drama never mentioned these factors and I’m glad they did now. Of course they don’t matter but still. Then we see Da Jung thinking over and realising the pain he has gone through all these years. And here she comes with kids to surprise him on his business trip! I love the symbolism of this whole scenario which she herself tells later. If Yul cannot come towards her, she herself can come closer to him, one step at a time with a request to not go away any more and to stay where he is. The whole family can be together that way even if he is busy and has work commitments. How beautiful is that.


I liked that Yul gets comfort by Da Jung’s words that it was not his fault. Finally when they are back home, he brings the piano out of the locked room and then both Yul and Da Jung fall asleep while reading the book. And when he wakes up, I love how relaxed and calm he looks and we as well as him understand that she is the one who finally brought peace to his life. (on a side note, I loved Lee Bum Soo‘s expressions and his eyes, so intense and speaking volumes). Our hero finally tells Da Jung that he likes her and will never let her hand go.

Coming onto other things from the episode, the major problem remaining: Na Young’s reappearance. The show left us with a whole bunch of mysteries, is she alive or a lookalike, how did she keep on hiding and why, why did she come back, etc, etc. And regarding Hye Joo’s joining hands with Joon Ki, I’m sure it is to act as a spy. She is really loyal and protective. In Ho will go on the regret path but I’m hoping he will play a major role to avoid any obstacles in our lovely OTP’s path. Fingers crossed!