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I finally jumped on the bandwagon of current rating winner You From Another Star which is receiving equal love from the online viewers across the globe as well. I’m happy to report that I liked the first two episodes. Things happened at a nice pace which were a medley of comedy, mystery, romance, historical and sci-fi. I enjoyed every bit of it. I’m sure most of you might be watching it live but I waited to marathon it. Now as 12 episodes have been aired, I thought it was a good time to start it!

First things first. I’m in love with our heroine Song Yi. She is this interesting mix of being bratty but innocent at the same time. She has a top heroine attitude and confidence but she is equally vulnerable and lonely who craves for others’ affection. I like that she stands for herself and responds in the same way as people treat her but doesn’t have intentional hatred or bitchiness. She is not book smart and that gives us lots of laughs but she is not stupid and knows how to handle an opposite situation. Jeon Ji Hyun is giving a sparkling performance and she is my favorite thing so far.


Our hero is an alien who came 400 years ago and I like that the drama established his powers and back story so quickly. There are still certain questions to be answered but we have got enough information to understand him. He doesn’t mix up with others as he will have to separate from them being the immortal self and that makes him so lonely. The loneliness is what is common between our couple and I liked their interactions so far. He is the first who doesn’t give Song Yi any attention and she is the one who has started interfering with his aloofness and peace. The whole fate thing is also playing its part here and a major one at that, what with the whole reincarnation set-up. But still, I like the natural flow of the attraction growing between them. Well, it’s more on the wrong foot for now. And yes, I like lawyer Jang and his scenes with Min Joon. At least there is someone with whom the latter can be himself and chat candidly.

Coming on to our second leads, I find Hwi Kyung really adorable (I loved his office scenes) but can’t understand Se Mi as she looks pitiful with a one-sided love and always being secondary but she might be cunning. Only time will tell.

The mystery part is intriguing as well forming the other base of the show. What I really liked about You From Another Star is the fast pace and there is no scene where I got bored. There is lots of energy here and the zippy feel is sprinkled throughout. The drama is really funny and the characters are amusing. The meta jokes give rollicking fun. The other hilarious thing was the commentary after the end credits, especially the one where Min Joon tells about his experience of going for the army so many times, so funny. The stakes are high as only three months are left for the alien to return but now he will fall in love! Lastly, the show is beautifully shot. All in all, I’m really excited and happy with it!