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The male cast of upcoming Lee Bo Young drama God’s Gift – 14 Days consists of lots of names and with lots, I mean LOTS. The latest drama to include time travel theme stars Lee Bo Young as the woman who travels back two weeks in time to save her daughter who has been kidnapped and killed. It actually sounds exactly like last year’s thriller Two Weeks (which I loved) except for the whole time slip fantasy theme and the way the daughter is in danger. I’m really excited for this drama which looks like an interesting mix of emotions and thrills with the on-the-edge-of-your-seats quality. The leading men cast for the drama starts with Jo Seung Woo who was simply awesome in movie Classic and appears mostly in films with his last drama turn being long MBC sageuk Horse Healer. He is playing a private investigator who helps our heroine in her race against time. Kim Tae Woo (That Winter, The Wind Blows) plays her husband who is a lawyer and has a secret with an outward pleasant appearance. Then we have Baro (of KPOP group B1A4 and he also starred in Answer Me 1994) as a developmentally disabled boy with a mental age of 6 years old. He will be the classmate of Lee Bo Young’s daughter. Lee Ki Kwang (of KPOP group B2ST and recently seen in cute mini-series from tvN Twenty Years Old) is playing the role of an idol. Jung Kyeo Woon (Romance Town) is in talks to play a detective in violent crimes division as well as our heroine’s first love. I like the different characters surrounding this mystery-time slip-thriller tale and the drama has the potential of being a non-stop thrill ride. Color me interested.  God’s Gift – 14 Days will be taking over the Monday-Tuesday slot from melodrama Warm Words on SBS from February.

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