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New month, new segment! I was deliberating over starting a weekly commentary about what is happening in my drama life and here it is finally. I’ll be writing about what I’m watching and things like that..

So I’m very much behind on Prime Minister And I this week as I’m really busy in something important with respect to RL and I don’t know when I’ll be watching the latest episodes. I’m hoping to complete it in one or two days. ANd hence, there were no episodic thoughts on it. It also means that there will be lesser posts for the time being.

I also started You From Another Star but couldn’t watch more than 2 episodes because of the same reasons. Let’s hope I’ll get back on that train soon. I enjoyed the first two episodes a lot.

On the upside, I’m rewatching Last Scandal Of My Life and finding it fun like the first time. It’s an adorable drama with awesome acting and chemistry. A love story between a top star and his housekeeper who was also his first love during his high school days. Sounds refreshing, right!