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Although melodramas come with tried and tested predictable traits, they get brownie points for portraying a normal, decent and graceful appearance of the female leads. I don’t know why dramaland has the fixation of showing weirdly styled and over-the-top personalities of the heroines in rom-coms and if not anything, melos actually give me a relief that we’ll see no aggravating characters as far as their attire or hairstyles are concerned. I skipped all the dramas of this genre since 2012’s Nice Guy (actually it was my first!) as they didn’t click with my taste due to their stories not being interesting enough or not at all my cup of tea. Finally, upcoming drama Full Sun has piqued my interest due to its cast and the plot not having undesirable melodrama features. It stars Yoon Kye Sang as a con artist who accidentally kills a man (played by brilliant Song Jong Ho in a cameo role) and later falls in love with his fiancée Han Ji Hye. The supporting cast consists of Jo Jin Woong, Kim Yoo Ri, Sohn Ho Joon and Kim Young Chul. The main strength of melos lies in the execution which can make an unbelievable story into something entertaining and slightly comprehensible. Full Sun has also got a new English title Beyond The Clouds. I think Full Sun depicts passion and intensity while the latter sounds more dreamy and peaceful. Anyway, the filming of initial scenes took place in Thailand and the show is all set to premiere next week as its predecessor Prime Minister And I is ending this week (*sad face). At least, we’ll be getting some spectacular outdoor cinematography. Check out the stills featuring various moods and situations for our characters.

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