A look at ‘Three Days’ which is all set to premiere in March


One of the dramas I’m most enthusiastic about is the thriller Three Days which is finally premiering on March 5 after lots of confusions as its preceding drama You From Another Star was deciding upon the extension. With the date finally set, I’m all prepared to take the journey which looks promising to provide lots of thrills and action. Yoochun stars as presidential bodyguard who is perfect at his job (obviously). The drama takes the story of the missing president and his rescue with the time frame of nine days that are divided into three slots with each having three days. Sounds confusing. Yes. No. Actually it will be three segments involving prelude, showdown and judgment.

Son Hyun Joo plays the president, and the security team includes Yoon Je Moon and So Yi Hyun with Park Ha Sun playing a local police officer who helps our hero in his mission. I love her and I’m glad that she is playing a rough and tough role this time even when she already did the similar time-bound Two Weeks and one can’t help but find it funny that she is moving from two weeks to three days. The official character stills are out and I love the blue theme of them giving an edge and quality quotient to the drama. The cast consists of powerhouse performers and there is the whole room for nail-biting tension with pressure cooker urgency and high-octane action sequences with intelligent strategies and plans. And the sprinkling of team work throughout. Let’s hope the drama delivers a solid act. Check out the trailer as well.



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15 thoughts on “A look at ‘Three Days’ which is all set to premiere in March

  1. DDee

    Haha frm Two Weeks to Three Days–true!! This does look enticing, although I have no idea whether I will actually pick this up or not. March looks pretty packed!

    1. snow_white Post author

      Oh yes….so many shows are starting….and I’m confused what to pick and what to leave…*sigh!! But this one I’m gonna watch for sure and for the rest, best option left is marathon 😉

    1. snow_white Post author

      I didn’t watch I Miss You but I’ve heard that it left so many viewers disappointed….
      But Three Days looks like a perfect treat for all Yoochun fans…hopefully it’ll be good 🙂

      1. mickymong

        IDK, I might be a bit bias but i really love I Miss You though there have some flaws but still can be one of my fave melodrama together with Secret + YC’s acting really wowed me there especially in crying scenes..

        anyway, I really2 can’t wait for 3Days now! please…please be good 😉

        1. snow_white Post author

          Oh yes….YHI and SJK were the highlight of SKKS but I liked everything about that show 😉
          Sadly I haven’t seen Yoochun in anything else but Three Days is definitely on my plan….

          1. Hyuk Ahjussi devoted fan

            Meaning you haven’t watch Rooftop Prince? That drama is hilarious. I love it. I drop I miss you, not because the acting, but the storyline. And Three Days, Yoochun as a bodyguard, action scene! I just can’t wait.

          2. snow_white Post author

            Rooftop Prince….I think I should add it on my list now…so many people have recommended it but some have also said that they didn’t like it…so basically I’m confused if I should watch it or not!

  2. evez

    … i love Park Yoochun since DBSK-TVXQ days along with other 4 gorgeous boys from that group…but i don’t know, why i don’t fall in love with him that much in all his dramas, i have seen 4 of his dramas and i love SKKS probably because SJK and YAI were part of it..–the bromance thing of Geol-oh and Yeo-rim captivated from watching it….i can say that SKKS is a worthy watch though..but his new drama looks enticingly good..i don’t like MS, i hope this one save him from that previous drama and give him a good recognition.

    1. snow_white Post author

      wow….you have seen all of his dramas! I have seen only SKKS and I liked him in it but of course the main attraction was undoubtedly the amazing bromance of YAI and SJK 🙂
      Three Days looks enticing…let’s hope it’s good 🙂


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