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Kang Ji Hwan is one of my favorite actors. I have loved him since I first encountered his awesomeness in Coffee House where he simply nailed the role of an eccentric writer, adding so much quirkiness to it. Then he brought hearts and smarts to his part in Incarnation Of Money and added another winning performance in his acting prowess. I think he has inherent charisma as well as the ability to melt into any character and I’m happy to report that he will be seen in upcoming spring drama for KBS titled Big Man. Another actor rounding out the leading men cast is Daniel Choi, who is another actor that I really like. He adds so much warmth in his acting but we’ll be seeing him as an antagonist this time. One thing common between the two is that I simply love them in glasses!

So Big Man doesn’t sound too exciting plot-wise. It stars Kang Ji Hwan as an orphan who starts by living a third-rate life but turns a new leaf by realising to work hard to achieve his dreams. He finds out one day that he is actually the son of a chaebol and learns later that corruption is involved in the said business group. He then sets out to seek revenge against the people involved in it. Now this sounds quite similar to his last drama Incarnation Of Money with keywords like orphan, revenge, changing the life ways and I really hope that it’s different. Well, for starters we have the business background instead of the prosecutors world. And the tone also looks more melodramatic and intense. Daniel Choi plays a rich heir who is a friendly-on-the-outside but cunning-and-cold-on-the-inside businessman. The two men will be rivals in love as well as business. The leading lady is yet to be cast and I’m crossing my fingers that she is someone who I love to complete this love triangle with three leads that I absolutely adore. Also, it will be refreshing to see Daniel Choi in a dark and serious role as he has mostly played adorable and charming characters with a good heart.

Big Man will be helmed by PD of Flowers For My Life and My Fair Lady while the script is written by the writer of New Nonstop and Sunflower. It is lined for the Monday-Tuesday slot and starts after Full Sun wraps up. That means we still have lots of time till it premieres as the latter started this week only. Speaking of which, I tried the new melo which is the only drama of the genre currently airing and I got bored and dropped it. It might turn out to be good but my interest has been lost.