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Another pleasant episode which explains many things about our players. We also meet some new characters and relationships. Our couple finally comes face to face after many years and things get worse between them.


Jung Woo comes to the police station and settles the matter. He and Ae Ra separate on bitter note when he says to remain out of each others’ lives.

Jung Woo shares some bits of his experience with Ae Ra, with his secretary Yo Han. He feels that she was pretty with face and heart before but later became cold and on the day they divorced, she told him to not use alimony as an excuse to contact him and to quietly get lost from her life.


Ae Ra and Min Young argue when the latter takes Jung Woo’s side as he helped them. Ae Ra moves out to sleep at sauna where she overhears certain women gossiping about remarriage of a separated couple and this mildly plants similar idea in her mind.

Next day, Jung Woo calls her. She is happy and meets him at his company. He offers her consolation compensation and also tells her to sign a confirmation note which says she won’t bother him again using money as a threat. She is enraged to hear this and tears up the envelope.


Later she does regret a bit while telling all this to Min Young as she needs money but then she also has her pride.

We meet Ae Ra’s father and also her brother who has returned from Vietnam. He goes to meet Jung Woo (probably with hope of taking some financial help) but Jung Woo himself offers him huge sum.

We see that Yeo Jin made a bet with that girl who came for arranged date with Jung Woo and is quite pleased that he rejected her.

Yeo Jin’s younger brother Seung Hyun (Seo Kang Joon) returns from abroad. He is a free-spirited man and is in very good terms with Jung Woo, who was his tutor in middle school and also guided him in life. It is also shown that Yeo Jin had some painful past, related to her marriage.


Flashback: We see that Jung Woo and Ae Ra got divorced on Valentine’s Day. He was crying heavily when chairman Gook’s right-hand man Byung Joon came looking for him for tutoring Seung Hyun. He thinks that Jung Woo is trying to commit suicide and calls him, which surprises him and he falls down in the river.

Byung Joon saves him and brings him home where Yeo Jin meets him for the first time and is reminded of a man (possibly her husband). She has come out of her shell after a long time. We also see that it is the day when her father decides to invest in Jung Woo’s business.

Ae Ra is fired from her job due to that incident when she went with that jerk skin doctor as that senior’s wife finds her photos with him and makes a scene at Ae Ra’s shop. She is sad and on her way, her carton falls down and she is helped by Seung Hyun – who was passing by.

Ae Ra is angry and disappointed when she finds out that her brother took money from Jung Woo (the consolation compensation). He has used up most of it to repay his debt and gives her the remaining amount.


Ae Ra comes to meet Jung Woo and tells him that now she accepts that money and wants to end things between them for good. He tells her that the day they divorced, he got investment. She yells that he didn’t even contact her and was not loyal. He reminds her – her own words and now tells her to get lost from his life and leaves.

She decides to crush him.


I like that both our leads are flawed. Ae Ra loves money but then she also has pride – which we clearly saw today even if regrets that decision of not accepting the money but only a bit. We have already seen how much she struggled to support her home and caved in only when things became unbearable for her. I have no sympathy with Jung Woo yet as he is fixated on this idea that Ae Ra left him but he forgets to see the other side of the story about what she went through. She never wanted to work but did that for four years, all the while when he was thinking only about his work. He failed to understand her point of view. And his offer of money and that contract was really a very mean move. That is not to say that I’m entirely on Ae Ra’s side as we can see how she is changed whenever money is mentioned, like the way she wanted him to contact her after he got rich (as if she left him till he succeeded) or trying to think positively about him in that sauna scene. Basically, the drama will have to show us more to believe that she was in love with him with all her heart. I do think it is the case as if she was only after money, she would have left him long before.

On another note, I’m loving Seo Kang Joon  a lot who is like a breath of fresh air even if the scenes were not much. I’m really excited to see everyone coming together in the workplace. I like that the show has a very smooth feel to it.