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Man Who Sets The Table Episode 1 Recap

It has been ages since I dipped my toes into long dramas. You’re The Best Lee Soon Shin was my last attempt but sadly I dropped it after 30 or so episodes. I was actually having an urge from few days to try a weekend drama for a change. I know. It’s not like I’m not already flooded with dramas left, right and center. But I just wanted to go for a comfy, typical Korean ride this time.

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Because It’s The First Time Episode 1 Recap


Because It’s The First Time marked first foray into dramaland for fashion and style channel OnStyle last week. It will air only one episode a week and my love for everything romantic and comedy let me to check this one out. It’s a cute, simple and breezy start. The drama is anchored behind the scenes by the team responsible for modern rom-coms like I Need Romance and Witch’s Romance. Another icing — episodes are only 45 minutes long!

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