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This is great. I love Kim Woo Bin (the charisma) and Kang Ha Neul (the scene stealer) and now they are starring together again after Heirs, this time in a movie titled Twenty, accompanied by KPOP group 2 PM‘s Junho. The movie will revolve around three 20-year-old best friends and their lives. It is being touted as a light and comedy film, which I’m guessing as a slice-of-life treatment with sprinkling of coming-of-age elements, which would be totally awesome. Kim Woo Bin plays a passionate guy without a job, Kang Ha Neul will be taking the role of a university student who has everything he needs and lastly, Junho has been cast as a cartoonist-wannabe who also manages multiple part time jobs and also preparing to get admission in a university. The movie will potentially have loads of bromance and it is a must watch for me when you have that. Plus, Kim Woo Bin and Kang Ha Neul. After the massive hit Heirs, Kim Woo Bin is doing solely films — his movie Friends has already proved to be a hit while his upcoming project is also a heist movie The Technicians — I hope he won’t go the Lee Min Ki or Won Bin or Kang Dong Won path with only films and no dramas. Kang Ha Neul recently appeared as the younger counterpart to Lee Sang Yoon for weekend melo Angel Eyes and earned lots of love for his two episode appearance and left many mesmerized viewers wishing that he would be present for the whole run. I did want to check this drama out as it looks so beautiful but time is not permitting me. Junho has also tried acting as he starred in last year’s thriller Cold Eyes. Twenty was also offered to Yoo Yeon Seok who is on a roll after the successful turn in Answer Me 1994 with non-stop acting offers pouring in but he turned it down due to understandably his busy schedule.

Twenty will be directed by Lee Byung Hoon, who has previously worked on the scripts of popular films Sunny and Speedy Scandal and directed 2013 film Cheer Up Mr. Lee. The camera will start rolling this summer. I don’t know why the filmmakers have the fixation on the friendship of three guys: not only in K-movies but it is very much a universal theme I see; but if done well with enough wit and warmth, they are a treat to watch.