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I admit that A New Leaf did not have that high level of energy in its first week but it was compelling enough to make me look forward to the upcoming episodes. I like that the show established just enough description about our characters, especially Suk Joo, as he is the one who will undergo personality makeover after his accident and what is the use of it all if the viewers can’t notice that change. So the show did a deft job in just two episodes so that we know enough about him — he is cold, calculating, calm, intelligent, shut off to emotions and empathy, and is only concerned about his work and win. But the way he is shown to be in deep thoughts tells us that he is not a total arrogant person, but doesn’t want to be a good person and he cares for money and fame. He has seen his father struggling with his ideals and righteousness, and maybe that is the reason why he wants to be the opposite of it. Anyway, I’m sure we’ll be seeing more things with each episode. I’m loving the dynamics between him and Ji Yoon—he did have a rough start with her but unlike other shows where the hero keeps on insulting and disregarding the heroine in such situations, Suk Joo actually acknowledges Ji Yoon’s strengths  and potential and even keeps her in his team. Similarly, Ji Yoon is different from the quintessential optimistic hard working heroines as she is not totally idealistic. Yes, she believes in goodness but is also practical — which we can see in the way she suggests the rape victim to settle outside court and also does not keep on forcing Suk Joo to not take the culprit’s side. And I like that these people are flawed which leaves room for growth. Check out the preview for episode 3 and just look how adorable Kim Myung Min is looking post-accident, giving all innocent and cute looks. This is the first time I’m seeing him like this and totally loving it. I can’t wait to see everyone’s reaction on this new Suk Joo, and I hope we’ll go for sunshine and heartwarming emotional approach rather than emphasising more on the cases. Finally, it’s time for a new life for our hero.