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Jang Hyuk returns to comedy with ‘Wok Of Love’ with Jung Ryeo Won and Junho

I loved Jang Hyuk in Fated To Love You where he played both funny and emotional bits oh his character with elan. His follow up projects were more on a serious side — sageuks Shine Or Go Crazy and God of Trade – Innkeeper 2015 , thriller Voice and melodramas Beautiful Mind and Money Flower (his latest which I’m hearing is quite Continue reading

Office comedy ‘Chief Kim’ to start on KBS with Nam Goong Min and Nam Sang Mi


Introverted Boss just premiered and now another workplace drama is about to start in a few days — Chief Kim. But this one is more inclined towards being a comedy than a rom-com. Nam Goong Min plays the titular Chief Kim who is a skilled accountant but works for gangsters. As a result of some events, he ends up joining a company called TQ Continue reading

Kim Woo Bin and Kang Ha Neul reunite for movie ‘Twenty’

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This is great. I love Kim Woo Bin (the charisma) and Kang Ha Neul (the scene stealer) and now they are starring together again after Heirs, this time in a movie titled Twenty, accompanied by KPOP group 2 PM‘s Junho. The movie will revolve around three 20-year-old best friends and their lives. It is being touted as a light and comedy film, which I’m Continue reading

Jung Woo Sung and Han Hyo Joo in upcoming thriller film ‘Cold Eyes’


I have this proclivity to get attracted to films/ novels/ dramas whenever I see the word ‘thriller’ attached with them. And the upcoming action thriller Cold Eyes (also known as The Watchers) is no exception to that liking. The movie is about a special team of detectives who chase down a villain using round the clock surveillance of the elusive mobster. Continue reading