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Drama machine never stops and here we are presented with next slew of dramas already even when the current ones have just kick started their run. And you know what, it would be really hard to choose from as all three Wednesday Thursday dramas for forthcoming season are equally appealing for all three networks — KBS, MBC and SBS.

MBC is bringing Fated To Love You that has all the ingredients of any K-drama rom-com out there — a cold-from-outside-warm-from-inside chaebol, meek and weak heroine, a caring-gentle second lead and a fiance-leaving-the-hero to complete the second female lead. But the attractiveness comes from the rare reunion of a kdrama couple, Jang Hyuk and Jang Nara reuniting after 12 years since their hit show Successful Story Of A Bright Girl. Choi Jin Hyuk and Wang Ji Won round out the cast with PD of Best Love and Queen’s Classroom and screenwriter of Soulmate (I have to confess that I couldn’t continue this drama even when I’ve heard so many good things about it) as the behind-the-camera team. I like the cast and the premise of falling in love after the marriage.

Next up is SBS’s It’s Okay, It’s Love that stars my favorite Gong Hyo Jin with Jo In Sung in a romantic drama written by star writer Noh Hee Kyung. Jo In Sung plays a mystery writer as well as radio DJ who has some obsession (it’s OCD I guess?) while our heroine is in her first year of psychiatry studies. Her life changes after meeting the hero. I really hope that we will have a feel-good romance instead of some tearjerker hijinks. Well, one thing is sure — it’s gonna be beautiful as the PD has done shows like That Winter The Wind Blows and Padam, Padam. Supporting cast includes amazing Song Dong Il (so he’s going for back to back shooting as he is currently being seen in Gap Dong), Lee Kwang Soo and Yoon Jin Yi.

And the last but not least, we have Joseon Gunman for KBS, having another reunion with Lee Jun Ki and Nam Sang Mi from Time Between Dog And Wolf. It will provide a different flavour as it is a sageuk about a man who exchanges his sword with guns to take revenge for the death of his family and in this process, becomes a hero-like figure. The show is set against the backdrop of an era when modernisation was starting to take root in 19th century Joseon, which will make for an interesting visual as we’ll see a nice fusion of historical as well as modern elements. The great thing is that it comes from the director of The Princess’ Man, a drama that almost everyone loved and praised.

It is actually heartening to see the actors who once worked together, smiling together at the table reads that took place for all three shows a few days back. That means, the filming would have been started by now and we’ll soon be bestowed with initial stills and teasers. I’m excited! It’s hard to predict which one will be at the top of the rating game.

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