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2014: Year In Review


I’m equally bewildered and equally feel great that I’m writing my third year-end review. From those who know me from the starting of my WordPress journey must be knowing that The Drama Corner is not my first blog. I tried so many times to finally stick with this one when I finally realised how and what I wanted to do, most importantly, I grew fond of writing. Hence, I’m so happy that blogging and this blog has become so special and a constant motivator for me. Continue reading

2014: The year of reunions


Each year brings with it some particular trend that dominates the drama world throughout the year, with every other show following it and trying to milk on the success of that formula. I can say that there was one trend that I totally loved and supported wholeheartedly and that was the bevy of reunions that we received this year. It’s very special and new in K-dramaland because here, it’s like once in a blue moon that we ever get two stars working again for another project, however much success they got with the first one. Continue reading

My favorite songs from ‘Fated To Love You’ OST


I’m loving and enjoying Fated To Love You even when it has lost some of its initial beauty. The magic of the Jangs is still there and my heart aches for them as well as jumps with joy when they are being cute and adorable and are together. But I think we’ve seen enough separation between them, and enough noble idiocy on Gun’s part. I have this complaint that the drama doesn’t explain us clearly what is he thinking right now. Yes, his mind thinks that he should not meddle with peaceful life of Min Young but he can’t control his heart. But Continue reading