So finally I got my internet connection and I’m as happy as a kid receiving lots of candies and sweets! That also means that my drama world is gonna be happening again and there are SO MANY shows that I want to check out. Here is a list of them:

Firstly, as my first half of drama season was devoid of rainbows, puppies, sunshine and unicorns — everything romantic and cute — my list starts with all the rom-coms that are hitting the forthcoming (or current) airwaves:

  • High School King Of Savvy
  • Trot Lovers
  • Marriage Not Dating
  • Fated To Love You
  • Discovery Of Romance
  • It’s Okay, It’s Love (I think it’s not a melo…..)

Then there are these sageuks which I’m looking forward to — for various reasons ranging from my love for the actors to OTP reunions (yay for this trend) to fantasy genres to epic possibilities:

  • Joseon Gunman
  • The Night Watchman

And finally here is a show that I would not have picked up if I didn’t love Park Ha Sun so much (plus, another brownie point for maintaining the reunion mania!)

  • Temptation

So what shows are you guys watching or anxiously waiting for?


11 thoughts on “Finally..

    1. kjtamuser

      Ditto on FTLY, digging the Tawainese version. Congats on connectivity, it is crucial. Welcome back. Looking forward to you final assessment of New Leaf.

      1. snow Post author

        Aw….thanks for the welcome 🙂
        I did not get the chance to watch ANL after ep 9….but I hope I’ll complete it soon…how are you liking it….??

        Yes…you are recapping TW version of FTLY…but I can’t read it as that would be spoilery for the K-version! 😉

        1. kjtamuser

          I am not watching ANL but will put it on the list if warranted. Understand not reading Taiwan FTLY recaps. Am hopeful Korean production will be good.

  1. Caitlyn

    Yep, Fated To Love You, i’m looking forward to that. Night Watchmen, I’m UBER UBER excited for!
    Currently watching High School King and Trot Lovers and so far so good.
    Nice to have you back, Snow!


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