Another cute rom-com ‘Marriage Not Dating’ premieres this week

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Yay for another rom-com premiere right around the corner. Popular cable network tvN is bringing Marriage Not Dating as its new Friday-Saturday show that replaces serial killer thriller Gapdong. I did watch the latter but found it very slow and so dropped it even when the premise as well as the cast was interesting. Another reason was that I just had enough thriller K-dramas and wanted a fresh air of romance and fun. I think drama gods heard my prayers as this summer season is just full of them, what with Trot Lovers and High School King Of Savvy already airing and Fated To Love You starting this week. I actually want to watch ALL of them and will watch some live while the others will have to wait for a later marathon.

Marriage Not Dating has one of my all time favorite and done-to-death concepts of contract relationship.Yeon Woo Jin (Arang and the Magistrate) plays a man who doesn’t want to get married and Han Groo (Warm Words) plays the opposite — a woman who wants to get married but is unlucky there. So, opposites attract plus contract relationship. That’s two for very clichéd but dearly loved and popular rom-com tropes. I don’t mind it as the strength of a romedy lies in treatment, not so much in its story. So, our hero brings our heroine into picture of his life when his family pressurizes him to get married. He makes a contract with her and thinks that his family will never approve of her. Of course, we know better — he is gonna fall head over heels in love! The supporting cast includes Jung Jin Woon (Dream High 2) as second lead, Han Sun Hwa (last seen in God’s Gift – 14 Days) as Yeon Woo Jin’s classmate and Yoon So Hee (Let’s Eat) as Han Groo’s coworker.

The posters look very charming, giving a nice summery feel; and the show looks promising in terms of delivering lots of cute and light-hearted fun. And it’s tvN, so we can expect some nice kisses as well, right? Also, the bromance and bonding between the girls looks like another highlight. Another yay for that.

Marriage Not Dating is starting on July 4th and is helmed by the PD of Brain and Haeundae Lovers. The script is written by the writer of mini-series Expect To Date that had two episodes and starred Daniel Choi and BoA.

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8 thoughts on “Another cute rom-com ‘Marriage Not Dating’ premieres this week

  1. kjtamuser

    Appreciate the details on Marriage Not Dating. The tvN network has had some winning series. My favorite are the Flower Boys series. As you said tvN does mean better kisses versus the typical lip presses!

    1. snow Post author

      LOL…yes, the classic lip touch of kdramas touted as kiss 😀
      I have seen two Flower Boy drama…Dating Agency Cyrano and Flower Boy Next Door…Loved the former but found the latter quite uninteresting…

  2. Caitlyn

    I can’t do it! I can’t add another show to my week. I’m already watching 3 Mon/Tues dramas and 3 Wed/Thurs dramas! Why are they all on at the same time!? Wae!? I’ll keep track of what everyone is saying about it and then watch it when it’s finished, I guess.

    1. snow Post author

      OMO….3 Mon-Tue and 3 Wed-Thur!!!!!!!

      How are you even managing them without mixing the stories and thoughts and everything…LOL 😀

      Just watched the 1st ep and it’s SO.CUTE.

      I have scheduled High SChool King as Mon-Tue, FTLY as Wed-Thur and Marriage Not dating as Fri-Sat drama 😉

      Rest are for later marathons..

      1. Caitlyn

        I seriously keep forgetting what happened in one show and thinking it happened in another, lol. I have to check myself before I say anything. I wasn’t intending on watching this many but then they just keep on coming and I can’t say no, ha ha.

        You’ve got a great week, the three cute romcoms of the bunch.

        1. snow Post author

          Haha…yeah….can’t pick which one I’m enjoying the most…but one thing is for sure — I’m totally in beautiful dramaland right now! 😉


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