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2014: Year In Review


I’m equally bewildered and equally feel great that I’m writing my third year-end review. From those who know me from the starting of my WordPress journey must be knowing that The Drama Corner is not my first blog. I tried so many times to finally stick with this one when I finally realised how and what I wanted to do, most importantly, I grew fond of writing. Hence, I’m so happy that blogging and this blog has become so special and a constant motivator for me. Continue reading

REVIEW: Marriage Not Dating (2014)



Marriage Not Dating is an exhilarating journey with fun as its best synonym. It takes the overused premise of contract relationship and sprinkles it with refreshing characters, hilarious hijinks and great execution which is fresh as mint. It stays away from melodrama for most of its run and has a lovely couple at its center. Continue reading

Drama Diaries: 16 August 2014

I’m so behind in all my dramas right now that it has unsettled my whole (drama) schedule. That means now I need to bend over backwards to finish them and can’t sleep like a log, to match the upcoming another stream of dramas next week. But what’s going on in my drama world, here is a summary: Continue reading

Previews for Marriage Not Dating Episode 11


Marriage Not Dating surely knows how to make me excited and dance with joy. The previews for episode 11 promise lots of OTP goodness punctuated with karaoke, red roses, drunk-and-affection, talking to mirrors, awkward moments to name a few. I loved last week as it displayed Ki Tae and Jang Mi in full form as far as their feelings for each Continue reading

Previews for ‘Marriage Not Dating’ Episode 9


Half of my love for Marriage Not Dating comes from my newest crush on Yeon Woo Jin. I love how effortlessly he acts. But of course the drama itself is pure fun with adorable couple, witty dialogues and laugh-out-loud shenanigans. My only request is to give loads of screen time to my OTP — we do get to see these two together, sometimes romantic Continue reading