A movie reunion for Lee Seung Gi and Moon Chae Won in ‘Today’s Romance’


2014 is officially the reunion year and when dramaland is bursting at the seams with reel life couple reunions, then why should filmdom remain behind at it. Lee Seung Gi and Moon Chae Won starred together in 2009’s superhit drama Shining Inheritance (or Brilliant Legacy); albeit not as a couple but as main and second leads respectively. It’s a great moment of joy for all those fans who shipped them then as both are going to act together again for upcoming movie Today’s Romance and well, it’s pretty evident that it is going to be of romance genre. I enjoyed Shining Inheritance, a pedestrian drama but oh-so-addicting; I rooted for the main couple of Lee Seung Gi and Han Hyo Joo (they were cute and pleasant) and really got annoyed because of the scheming stepmother and annoying second female lead. Anyway, Moon Chae won has earned her leading lady status since then after giving amazing performances in shows like The Princess’ Man, Nice Guy and Good Doctor. This will be her first feature film after 2011’s War Of The Arrows while Lee Seung Gi is making his debut in movies.

In his first movie role, Lee Seung Gi is actually playing a very different character from his drama roles that usually show him as a jerk who has a change of heart later as he matures. This time he stars as a man who fails at relationships and always gives his all to it. Moon Chae Won will be starring as a meteorologist who has a witty tongue and aggressive personality. I think this will be on similar lines as her role in Nice Guy as far as persona is concerned. I think these two will make a very pretty pair who also have good acting talent.

Today’s Romance will start shooting this month with release date slated for 2015. So all the excited fans have to wait for relatively long time till they finally go gaga over this beautiful couple!

3 thoughts on “A movie reunion for Lee Seung Gi and Moon Chae Won in ‘Today’s Romance’

    1. snow Post author

      Aw…thanks 😉

      Yes…it’s great to see LSG exploring more acting opportunities….movies definitely give more chances to play various types of characters for an actor as compared to dramas…

      1. kjtamuser

        Excellent point. He is probably considered frequently for jerk to hero roles but not as often other kinds of roles. Good for him to take a chance to stretch himself.


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