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A cheesy, shallow romantic comedy is like melted ice cream. There is taste but not the feel. I initially thought that Fated To Love You might be another light, run-of-the-mill kind of drama with arrogant and rude hero and meek heroine, filled with tried and tested formulae and character types. But I’m grinning from ear to ear after encountering it because it is so awesome with so much heart and magical couple who are individually incredible as well. I love how smoothly the drama shows the process of falling in love, as our two leads smile and laugh and share warm moments together, when their facial expressions are as clear as day, showing that they are totally attracted to each other. I like how step by step Gun and Mi Young became closer and Gun got mesmerised by her kindness and cuteness, drawn towards her like a moth to a flame.

I’m sharing some of my favorite moments from episode 7 and 8:

Misunderstanding Got Cleared!

I was ready for the show to drag Mi Young’s misunderstanding for at least two episodes and that is the reason why I was immensely relieved when Gun told her about the island. I love you show for doing this — first Gun let go his initial bias as he could feel Mi Young’s genuineness and now this!

Gun Helping in Delivery

It was so nice to see this side of Gun, which was not surprising from what we have seen so far about him (brownie points for character consistency). He poured himself for helping Mi Young’s sister to successfully deliver the baby.

Gun and Mom

It’s always heartwarming to see the interactions between Gun and Mi Young’s mom. They started on somewhat wrong foot when she thought that he is a jerk who made her daughter pregnant but then as they interacted more and more, she became fond of him. He on the other side, got touched by her warmth and affection and it was so endearing to see him so happy in calling her mom. The feeling is dialed up by seeing him rushing to the hospital when he gets a call that she is sick.

The Bed

My most favorite scene. I loved everything about it —right from the beginning when Gun reads the story to the whole process of finally making them lie on the same bed. Then both deciding to take each other and themselves as objects. Gun reminding himself again and again that he’s an object. When he anxiously turns on the bed and then when Mi Young also turns and their eyes meet — I was feeling butterflies in my stomach due to the sexual tension between them….and just see Jang Hyuk‘s expressions — so hot and romantic and sexy! If only they kissed after that…. *sigh.

Car And Slew Of Embarrassing Songs

That continuous string of songs pointing towards cheating and Se Ra were seriously hilarious with humorous responses from Gun.

The Party

I loved that Mi Young stood on her own without wavering when so many people were making inappropriate comments on her. She didn’t answer back because she knows the truth and that is all what’s important for this dignified girl. And Gun’s speech at the end was so lovely!

The Dance

I just love Jang Nara‘s portrayal of blushing and getting all shy like a new bride. I think she does it beautifully. The last scene of episode 8 give me a sort of deja vu as the setting was like that moment when both were in Macau and talked so maturely and understandingly. I don’t know if Gun has accepted himself that he is love with Mi Young but his words were so enchanting when he thanked Mi Young for waiting for him. I really hope that Mi Young will not step back to accept his love, as was hinted by her last voice-over.