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Marriage Not Dating surely knows how to make me excited and dance with joy. The previews for episode 11 promise lots of OTP goodness punctuated with karaoke, red roses, drunk-and-affection, talking to mirrors, awkward moments to name a few. I loved last week as it displayed Ki Tae and Jang Mi in full form as far as their feelings for each other are concerned. One thing that I really like about this show (apart from the n number of other things) is that the secret contract between our leads is actually not secret and is known by almost everyone, well, of course except his family. I loved the whole get-together these people had at the beach. And Se Ah never fails to annoy me with her thinking and behaviour. But she also confuses me sometimes. I would have preferred if she was given a normal character instead of making her look like a pathetic and selfish woman. She and her thoughts look very unreal. I actually have no problems with Yeo Reum who remains cool throughout and the drama managed to give him lots of funny scenes and bromance with Ki Tae. We also saw the reason behind Ki Tae’s aversion to marriage as he has seen not only his own relationship fall apart but his parents as well. But now as he has admitted to himself that he wants to remain by Jang Mi’s side, let’s hope things will get netter for him as well as Jang Mi. His mom did make me angry with her demands with respect to Jang Mi when she was deliberately troubling her. But Jang Mi is the one who understands her well and even has the courage to speak about it. I’m still unsure about why the whole family has peacefully accepted Ki Tae’s father’s affair — maybe due to the social status. But then his father also shamelessly talks about it. Hm. There are many question marks to connect the dots but I can wait. Let me first have more Ki Tae and Jang Mi kisses please! On a side note, the ratings for Marriage Not Dating have been continuously rising. Yay.

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