Legal drama ‘Pride And Prejudice’ premieres tomorrow


My first reaction on hearing about Pride And Prejudice was excitement as I thought that we would be getting a K-drama remake of the beloved Jane Austen novel. Well, almost every drama has it as its basis — cold Darcy hero and his bickering relationship with the heroine. But a proper adaptation would have been something enticing. Alas, the drama was about the world of law and prosecutors. Interestingly, my interest for this show kept on increasing and now I’m looking forward to it as it starts tomorrow as the new Monday-Tuesday drama on MBC. The network must be happy with Choi Jin Hyuk in his last drama for it which was Fated To Love You as he has been cast as the main lead with Baek Jin Hee opposite him. She is another MBC regular with her last two dramas being Triangle and Empress Ki. I’m really happy for Choi Jin Hyuk for landing the lead role on one of the big 3. Powerhouse actor Choi Min Soo (Sword And Flower) also stars along with Lee Tae Hwan (who was amazing as Seo In Guk‘s bestie in High School King Of Savvy) and Son Chang Min (Glorious Days). All of them play prosecutors who fight against injustice and help poor and week. They face hardships in this process as well as learn to work together even when all of them have different personalities. I always like the idea of people working as team to fight the bad guys and hence, this one is right up my alley. And the cast is pretty awesome as well. Pride And Prejudice comes from the writer of School 2013 while the PD did Time Between Dog And Wolf. So we’ll be getting action packed hours with strong emotional beats.
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12 thoughts on “Legal drama ‘Pride And Prejudice’ premieres tomorrow

  1. Caitlyn

    I’m soooooooo not a law drama person but i’m gonna give this a shot for the cast. If the first two episodes can pull me in, I’ll stick with it.

  2. Timescout

    Leagal shows tend to bore me to tears but I kinda liked New Leaf so… let’s see. As this one features proscutors it’s may be more procedural than law and thus possibly worth watching.

    1. snow Post author

      Prosecutors do make a drama enjoyable….I started A New Leaf but then lost interest after keeping it on hold for too long due to some RL schedules..
      I actually like dramas related to law…I hope this one doesn’t bore us 😉

  3. Estelle

    Did you watch it yet? I watched a bit yesterday and it seemed interesting enough. I’m glad CJH is finally getting the main lead in something! I did not like Fated enough to keep watching so I don’t know if he was any good in that, but I do like him plenty of other shows.

    1. snow Post author

      Haven’t started it yet….but I plan to…maybe tomorrow..

      Yes…I’m happy he is the main lead….he was pleasant in fated but the role was very average and not interesting enough..


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