Han Ji Min is the leading lady opposite Hyun Bin in ‘Hyde, Jekyll, Me’


I know this is pretty old news but as I skipped to write about it before, I’m gonna do it now. I kept my beautiful list of lovely ladies to star along side Hyun Bin for his highly anticipated comeback drama Hyde, Jekyll, Me but never included Han Ji Min as I haven’t seen her in anything yet. It turns out that she has confirmed to star in this show about a hero who has double personality disorder where one is sweet and innocent (can’t picture him as one after seeing him so prickly and arrogant before in My Name Is Kim Sam Soon and Secret Garden) while the other is the opposite, the cold and bad one. He is the third generation chaebol running an amusement park (ohh…this reminds me of My Love Patzzi which was also set in the same place but I digress..). Han Ji Min will play the heroine who finds herself in a love triangle with the two faces of our hero and this sounds so weird on paper! Anyway, K-dramaland is no stranger to such fantastical plots and I hope this show has some goodies in store for us. This is another addition to this year’s reunion tradition as both stars acted together in sageuk movie The King’s Wrath but she played consort to Hyun Bin’s character’s grandfather. Folks who saw that film say that they had great chemistry so I’m hoping to get one here as well.

Hyde, Jekyll, Me is slated for a January premiere on SBS and follows Pinocchio which starts in 2-3 weeks. It marks Han Ji Min’s return to small screen after almost 3 years as her last show was Rooftop Prince and she has solely worked in movies since then (See: Plan Man, The King’s Wrath).

2 thoughts on “Han Ji Min is the leading lady opposite Hyun Bin in ‘Hyde, Jekyll, Me’

  1. JiJi

    This is what I’m most excited for! Didn’t watch King’s Wrath, but it’s interesting that people say they had chemistry seeing that she played as his grandmother and enemy. Hahah well that means it must be better as a couple then 🙂


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