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I may not be hugely excited for upcoming fantasy-comedy as the new Wednesday-Thursday drama on MBC, the reverse aging Mr. Back (previously called Mr. Baek) but I’m getting many fun vibes from its promotional material. Shin Ha Kyun is looking very hilarious and fun to watch and  Jang Nara is sporting bangs which make her look quite different from her just completed show Fated To Love You. I didn’t watch Gapdng but did read a lot about it on blogosphere and I’m so happy to see Lee Joon in the role of a normal decent guy and he has also got a haircut here and I love guys with short hair! Mr. Back actually defines the story more aptly as it is about an old man who magically gets transformed to his younger self. I don’t know how the love story between the leads will culminate as he will have to go back to his original body at some point of time. I really hope they won’t go the Big route in any shape or form *shudders* as that show also had some body swapping and we all know that horrible ending that still brings bad memories.

Anyway, let’s just hope that Mr. Back will somehow resolve the whole shenanigans in a satisfying manner. It starts tomorrow with My Spring Days as its predecessor (which ended on a very sad note last week) and also stars Hwang Bo Ra and Jung Suk Won. I like the posters which feature our hero in two avatars with one of them having the all the key players while one has him holding our heroine’s hand and some kind of mess in the background.

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