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‘Father Is Strange’ is the new weekend drama on KBS


The newest weekend drama on KBS looks great for a feel-good family drama with lots of characters and cocktail of the genres..family, romance, comedy and drama. The title is Father is Strange (or Father Is Weird). The show is about a family of three daughters and a son and how their life changes when a top star comes to live with them. Continue reading

‘Heard It Through The Grapevine’ is the new Monday-Tuesday drama for SBS


Black comedy and K-dramas are two words that I won’t put side by side but upcoming SBS show Heard It Through The Grapevine is being touted to have the genre and before we think anything, let’s have a look at its production team and it is the one behind critically acclaimed quality shows like Secret Love Affair and A Wife’s Credentials. Yes, this can surely be a satirical take on the rich and prestigious families, around which its story is woven. Continue reading

Jang Na Ra and Shin Ha Kyun pair up for rom-com ‘Mr. Baek’

Hot on the heels of her last drama Fated To Love You, Jang Na Ra has signed on her next show Mr Baek that stars Shin Ha Kyun as her leading man. I’m actually quite surprised because she usually takes some time between her dramas, so this casting definitely took me unawares. The drama is a romantic comedy with a fantasy element Continue reading

Posters and stills for thriller ‘Gap Dong’


It is apt to call the current drama season a thriller season as there is an eclectic mix of shows airing right now with each offering their own stories encompassing the genre. I’m watching two of them (God’s Gift – 14 Days and Three Days) and planning to add the third one (I hope I don’t do an overdose!): Gap Dong. It is basically about a twenty years old case of serial murders with the killer known as Gap Dong. Presently when the statute of Continue reading