‘Valid Love’ with Uhm Tae Woong, Lee Si Young and Lee Soo Hyuk starts today on tvN


After the roller coaster ride of Liar Game, the next offering by cable channel tvN is melodramatic and comedy-romance Valid Love that stars Lee Si Young (Wild Romance) as the woman torn between her love for two men, her husband (played by Uhm Tae Woong, Equator Man) and the new man she meets after marriage, Lee Soo Hyuk (loved him in High School King Of Savvy), playing a carpenter. Our heroine falls in love with her teacher when she is in high school and then later marries him. Later he becomes a marine researcher and she meets this new charismatic guy and thus starts her affair with him. She actually loves both the guys, which makes her sound a bit weird and immature in my opinion. When the husband finds out about his wife’s cheating, he first gets angry but after that he is determined to prove that this new love is not valid.The drama also has Choi Yeo Jin (Incarnation Of Money) as Uhm Tae Woong’s younger sister. I really like her a lot!

I think it will be an uphill battle to root for the heroine. I’m not too excited for the show as the basic premise is not exactly my thing, but I think the cast is pretty solid and being tvN, we can expect a quality take on the theme of infidelity. Valid Love comes from the script by writer of My Name Is Kim Sam Soon and What’s Up Fox? and that is another strong point going for this show’s favour. It premieres today and will be a Monday-Tuesday drama. Have a look at posters and stills.

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11 thoughts on “‘Valid Love’ with Uhm Tae Woong, Lee Si Young and Lee Soo Hyuk starts today on tvN

  1. Timescout

    I’ll give it a go but not sure I’ll stick with it, not even for me beloved UTW. ^^ I’m one of the minority who didn’t much care about MNIKSS and I dropped What’s Up Fox after the first few episodes, so the writer isn’t any sort of draw for me. The premise per se does not faze me as I loved both Wife’s Credentials and Secret Love Affair and I also liked One Warm Word a lot. All three handle infidelity in one form or other.

    1. snow Post author

      Aww…really! You didn’t like MNIKSS…I didn’t love it like others but liked it a lot. The writer is surely not your draw…

      I didn’t seen any of these shows…just because they were not my cup of tea…but have read so many good things about them…especially WC and SLA…how was One Warm Word?

      1. Timescout

        It’s not that I didn’t like MNIKSS per se but it didn’t make any sort of impact. I remember wondering what all the fuss was as I didn’t think it was anything much to write home about.

        One Warm Word wasn’t perhaps quite as accomplished as the other two but overall pretty good with some truly great acting. Kfangurl @ The Fangirl Vedict has written a great review on it, so hop over there if you want to know more. 🙂

        1. snow Post author

          I liked MNIKSS because of its characters, the lead pair, comedy and romance and yes, the music (especially Farewell Without Farewell is one of my favourites)

          Just read the review for One Warm Word…I didn’t know there were Han Groo and Park Seo Joon in it as well! Looks like a show with great acting and pretty intense narrative 🙂

  2. Blue

    Really? After single motherhood (Sweet Secret, The Greatest Marriage), women in prison (The Legendary Witch), all kinds of taboo topics (It’s Ok, That’s love), this? Infidelity by a married woman, and a husband determined to keep his marriage intact? This year has been full of unusual subjects in kdrama-land, I’m willing to see how they’re going to explore this because it’s definitely a taboo subject. I guess it’s one situations where there girl married “too young”. I know a couple like this, though they aren’t married (yet), the girl is 9 years younger, not exactly the same scenario (I won’t share the details for obvious reasons) but quite similar, the guy did everything to win her back. Love the posters, especially the one with the red letters, the woman’s pose is great. Since it’s the writers of Kim Sam Soon, I can’t “not” watch it, KSS is one of my favorite comedies.

    1. snow Post author

      I agree….it’s a taboo subject for sure…in dramaland where heroines are depicted as pure and innocent and good-hearted as there can be…
      If we go for the reason behind such scenario in this case…yes…it has to do something with the age difference…as the girl got married early on and seemingly (as I haven’t seen the drama myself) in a rush….there are certain issues attached to this difference (even if we say age is only a number) one has to undergo…and one of them can be the one depicted in this show…let’s see how it handles this theme..

      I like the posters…they look breezy and thoughtful and everyone is looking great…and with KSS writer, we can expect some decent storytelling..

  3. mochirochi

    I read the synopsis and while I’ll give it a chance, I don’t know how I feel about this. It’s hard to root for someone who commits adultery or cheats on their significant other. The moment you feel like you can’t stop, then you should leave your marriage/relationship. Hopefully it’s done in a tasteful way and not make her a victim. Let her own up to doing something horrible, but also explain why she went this root.

    I dunno. It’s a hard subject to tackle, because there’s so many variables that the writers will have to factor in. They’ll have to find a happy balance of making it realistic, but not go overboard that we hate everyone.

    1. snow Post author

      Dramas that take a cheating husband or wife as the main character, tend to depict them as victim or rather justify their actions…I also hope the drama gives a satisfactory take on infidelity…with depth and of course, like you said, realistic approach.

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