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After the roller coaster ride of Liar Game, the next offering by cable channel tvN is melodramatic and comedy-romance Valid Love that stars Lee Si Young (Wild Romance) as the woman torn between her love for two men, her husband (played by Uhm Tae Woong, Equator Man) and the new man she meets after marriage, Lee Soo Hyuk (loved him in High School King Of Savvy), playing a carpenter. Our heroine falls in love with her teacher when she is in high school and then later marries him. Later he becomes a marine researcher and she meets this new charismatic guy and thus starts her affair with him. She actually loves both the guys, which makes her sound a bit weird and immature in my opinion. When the husband finds out about his wife’s cheating, he first gets angry but after that he is determined to prove that this new love is not valid.The drama also has Choi Yeo Jin (Incarnation Of Money) as Uhm Tae Woong’s younger sister. I really like her a lot!

I think it will be an uphill battle to root for the heroine. I’m not too excited for the show as the basic premise is not exactly my thing, but I think the cast is pretty solid and being tvN, we can expect a quality take on the theme of infidelity. Valid Love comes from the script by writer of My Name Is Kim Sam Soon and What’s Up Fox? and that is another strong point going for this show’s favour. It premieres today and will be a Monday-Tuesday drama. Have a look at posters and stills.

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