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I’m so happy as I’ve finally marathoned all available episodes of Misaeng and now I can live watch it. It was more difficult for this show because the episodes are longer than normal length of 1 hour — to be exact, they are 70 minutes long! I know! And hence, it required a lot of effort in watching them in one go. But I managed it nevertheless and I’m totally in love with it. Such a simple, sensitive, heartfelt show with one of the best written characters of dramaland.

I completed Liar Game and its review is in progress. I hope I’ll be able to post it in a few days. I liked the show a lot. Its ending did leave some confusions but I guess they are purposefully there in order to keep the doors open for a second season. Fingers crossed! And when you are at it, can you give us romance between Da Jung and Woo Jin, Show?

Next up for me is Dr. Frost which I’m going to start today. It’s once a week show, yay!

I have my exams next week so My Drama Corner will not be as active as it normally is. And it will of course affect my drama watching hours *pouts*

That’s all for now guys. Happy reading!