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It’s great to see how Misaeng catapulted all of its cast members to unexplored heights of popularity and made them household names and similarly popular in the international fandom. I love everyone in the show but Byun Yo Han is one of those who brings so much laughter in an otherwise melancholic and serious drama. I still remember how much I was annoyed when he first appeared on the drama because he looked like an opportunist, selfish and boastful character but of course Misaeng is a show which doesn’t have any black and white characters. People have so many layers and nothing is like the first impression we get. It was only a matter of time when Byun Yo Han as Seok Yul won my heart and became one of my favorite characters from the show. But I’m lying because all the characters are my favorite! One of the things I observed is that many actors in the drama are mainly film actors which also include Byun Yo Han who has previously worked in films like No Tears For Dead and Tinker Ticker. I’m cent percent sure that now there will be dramas lining up for him with his growing popularity. He is an actor who not only showed hos great comedy skills but also a vulnerable side that made you feel for him. Not to mention the great chemistry he has with rest of the newbies in the show.

If you are sad that Misaeng has ended this week (I’ve yet to see the finale), and you are going to miss the people, Marie Claire Korea is bringing its January issue featuring Byun Yo Han in basically black and white spreads where he is exuding his cute side. The texture of the pictures makes them look classy and he looks really charming. Can’t wait to see more of his works!


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