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As we are heading towards the new year, the upcoming dramas are also getting ready for their premieres. It’s a wonder that drama machine never stops and keeps on producing one show after the other. It was just yesterday when we were preparing to welcome 2014 dramas and here comes 2015 with the trend of multiple personalities. What makes Hyde, Jekyll, Me more special is the fact that it marks the return of  Hyun Bin to dramaland after scaling great heights of success with his last drama Secret Garden that came in 2010. Han Ji Min joins him in this story where he plays a man with double personality disorder. On one hand, he is the kindest and nicest person of the world, while on the other hand, he is the coldest and worst man. He plays a chaebol who owns an amusement park and he never leaves his home. She is playing the leader of a circus troupe that works in this park but our hero wants to get rid of it due to its poor earnings. Sung Joon is playing a hypnosis therapist who is a gentleman personality-wise aka the perfect second lead. The drama held its script reading session a few days back and looks like winter season has covered the country completely, what with all the actors wearing their cozy warm clothes. Hyde, Jekyll, Me starts from January on SBS as it takes the Wednesday-Thursday slot from Pinocchio. I do get confused with its various titles floating around the web (See: Jekyll And Me, Jekyll And I and Hyde, Jekyll, Me) but it looks like the production will now go along with Hyde, Jekyll, Me (hopefully!).