Kim Hee Sun is ‘Angry Mom’ for next drama on MBC

hs jhw

I wouldn’t have expected the elegant and delicate looking Kim Hee Sun (Wonderful Days) to play a rough and tough badass woman but I’m ready to get surprised! She has signed on her new drama for MBC titled Angry Mom which is pretty self-explanatory. She plays a woman who was once a high school bully and got pregnant at that time. She left her gangster-type bullying ways after that and raised her daughter, played by Kim Yoo Jung (Secret Door), all on her own. Years later, when her daughter gets bullied in school, she returns as a high school student to protect her from her tormentors. It’s not clear yet if they would ask us to suspend our disbelief about everyone believing that she is indeed a high schooler or the drama will make some kind of story to explain her enrolment. I hope it is the latter where she might make some excuse to take such a late admission again. Anyway, the male lead is Ji Hyun Woo, who I have great affection for after his winsome turn in Queen In Hyun’s Man. His last comeback drama Trot Lovers was disappointing across the board (not to mention that hair colour!) and I hope he will again win hearts here. He is playing a school teacher, who I’m assuming will fall for Kim Hee Sun’s mom character. I just hope he knows that she is an older person rather than a normal student. The supporting cast includes Oh Yoon Ah (You’re All Surrounded, Incarnation Of Money) as our heroine’s best friend, Lizzy (of Kpop group After School) as the mean girl, Baro (God’s Gift-14 Days) as another bad boy — so basically these two will headline the bullies’ roles.

I’m very excited for Angry Mom as it looks like a drama that will tackle the serious issue of high school bullying with dose of humour and heart. And when we have a fearless, badass heroine, it’s always a treat! Angry Mom has a new scriptwriter behind it and the PD worked on dramas like East Of Eden and When A Man Loves. It will start airing after Kill Me Heal Me completes its run in March as the new Wednesday-Thursday show.

7 thoughts on “Kim Hee Sun is ‘Angry Mom’ for next drama on MBC

  1. mochirochi

    I hope it focuses more on the mother daughter relationship, but this looks like it will be fun. It’s funny, I just made a post about Jang Dong Gun going back to school and mentioned a few jdramas that did the same thing. This seems like the first in kdrama (at least for me it is).

    This looks like it will be fun. I haven’t watched Kill Me, Heal Me but I want it to end quickly so I can watch this.

    1. snow Post author

      Yes…total fun! I just hope they won’t show too much bullying because that’s something I don’t like in Korean high school dramas when overdone…
      I have seen lots of high school dramas but yeah…this is the first about going back to school…I think there is another that starred Rain and Gong hyo Jin…Sang Doo Let’s Go To School…

  2. koreannotebook

    This looks like it will be all-round fun! I pretty have Kim Hee Sun to thank for my K-drama addiction, so, I will definitely be looking forward to this drama! I cannot wait.

    PS : For five seconds I actually thought the picture of the guy was CNBLUEs Minhyuk 😕


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