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Just give me a moment as I can’t stop laughing after seeing the HILARIOUS posters from upcoming KBS drama Blood. It is so weird with leading man Ahn Jae Hyun hugging himself — he is doctor as well as vampire in the show. Then there is the other one where the leads are drinking blood via stethoscope! LOL. The creative team behind the posters took it too literally! Anyway, this mild snark aside, I’m actually going to watch this show as it can have either of the two ways to go: it can be ‘so bad it’s good’ variety or it can surprise everyone by being genuinely good, which is not like a pipe dream as the team behind Blood has given decent shows in the past like Good Doctor (PD & writer), God’s Quiz (writer) and Ojakgyo Brothers, That Fool (PD). I wonder what was the reason behind signing Ahn Jae Hyun as he is green for being a main lead but let’s hope the end result is better than we all expected.

Blood is the story about a vampire who is a genius doctor. He believes in life and is gentle and sensitive, continuously serving the humans, all the while suppressing his craving for blood. Gu Hye Sun plays a genius physician who is also cold and belongs to the family of the owners of the hospital — I love that the heroine has all the archetypes which almost every time belong to the hero in dramaland. Ji Jin Hee plays the negative role of the chief who pretends to be gentle but is actually ambitious.

The supporting cast is led by Jung Hae In (The Three Musketeers) as hero’s best friend, veteran actor Kim Gab Soo (Marriage Not Dating) as heroine’s uncle and chairman of the hospital and Kwon Hyun Sang (Vampire Prosecutor 2) as another vampire but the evil one.

I’m also liking this whole fantasy set-up with lots of room for fun, adventure, thrills and intrigue. Ji Jin Hee looks super-hot here and I think we have a pretty good cast over-all, well, if you ignore the fact that the main hero has never played even a proper second lead even once. *wink*

Blood hits the airwaves on February 16 with 20 episodes run (it’s the new 16!). I’m sure all Healer fans must be upset with this show as it marks the ending of everyone’s current darling. Heh.

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