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There is no doubt that Hyde, Jekyll, Me left everyone with a face like a wet weekend. TV viewers as well as international viewers were extremely disappointed from start to finish and I’m just glad that I bailed out after first two episodes. Its time slot, the once-highly-successful Wednesday-Thursday for SBS, is taken over by Girl Who Sees Smells, starring Yoochun, Shin Se Kyung, Yoon Jin Seo and Nam Goong Min. The drama looks like an interesting mix of comedy, romance, cuteness and some serious dark stuff as it involves killer and murder.

Yoochun plays a cop who can’t feel any pain and can’t smell or taste anything either as an aftermath of the murder of his sister, played by talented Kim So Hyun, the gruesome incident is called Barcode Murder Case. Shin Se Kyung plays the girl who miraculously survived that incident but has lost her memory and has gained the ability to see smells and has become hypersensitive. They both were in coma after that accident. She is at a state where she doesn’t remember her past but presently aspires to become a comedienne. Now this is what I call perfect opposites, who’ll definitely attract each other. Yoon Jin Seo (who was really cute in Fugitive Plan B) plays a cop who is efficient and cool headed while Nam Goong Min (Secret Hotel) stars as a star chef who is kind hearted and your perfect second lead. I hope the actor doesn’t get typecast in such roles.

The posters look very sunny and cute and I have to say that despite my initial apprehensions about Shin Se Kyung, she looks lively and cute here. I especially like the poster where both the leads are standing and she is emanating colorful vibes (with roses!) while darkness is oozing out from him, and yet the ultimate result is optimism overcoming the darkness. Girl Who Sees Smells is hitting the airwaves this week on April 1 and I’m cautiously excited to see this blend. I just hope it doesn’t disappoint like many other shows which looked great at mixing romance and mystery but turned out crappy.

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