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gwss (2)

Girl Who Sees Smells started airing yesterday and I liked the first episode which was enjoyable from start to finish. The tone shifted seamlessly from scary and creepy, to sad and finally cute and funny. The main leads are adorable and I especially like the heroine as we have yet to see more about our hero.

The drama starts with a school girl Choi Eun Sol (Shin Se Kyung) returning home from school only to find her mom and dad dead, murdered by some unknown person, who then goes after her. She meets with an accident as she is running away from him. He reads her name from her uniform tag. Somewhere else we meet Choi Moo Gak (Yoochun) who works at an aquarium and gets informed by his little sister, also Choi Eun Sol (Kim So Hyun) that her bus met with an accident and she’ll meet him at the hospital. When he reaches there, he bumps into a man with blood in his hands (possibly the killer, played by Song Jong Ho) and finds his sister dead on her bed. Bodies of Eun Sol’s parents are found by the police and the detective in charge gets some connection by seeing her father’s hand and then we see that some 187 days have passed and Eun Sol is in coma. She wakes up and her left eye has turned blue and she starts seeing smells from everywhere and she screams. A few days later, she narrates that three things have changed since she woke up — she miraculously woke up, the thing about her eyes and she has lost her memory. Also that she can see smell instead of sensing it through her nose.


6 months pass and we see that the detective has told her that she is his daughter while Moo Gak has taken the job of a police officer. He wants to join the rank as a detective in the homicide department. Eun Sol is now called as Oh Cho Rim, who is part of a group that aspires to become comedian. Moo Gak doesn’t feel any pain and is constantly trying to excel at his job so that he gets promoted. Cho Rim (I’ll call her that from now) and Moo Gak meet when her car bumps into him while he is after a robber. Through her hypersensitive power of seeing smells, she helps him catch that robber. Also we meet that killer again (if he is him, we can’t say for sure) at a hospital.


I love Cho Rim already. She is cute, bubbly, helpful and I found all those smell graphics really colourful and beautiful. They give me a feel as if I’m watching some fairy tale cartoon. Ha. Shin Se Kyung is lively in this role and this is the first time that I enjoyed her performance. I think we got less glimpse into our hero’s life in the first episode but what I saw, I liked. I did feel so much sadness and pain even in that short scene we had between brother and sister. That says a lot about the right emotional feels this drama delivered. The drama was funny for most of its part and I liked the indifferent expressions Yoochun gave while drinking hot coffee or getting hurt by his boss or the robber. I like that the leads are on friendly terms right off the bat and for a change, we didn’t go for the bickering route. I found the first scene really creepy and I didn’t even know that there was Song Jong Ho in this show. If it’s a cameo, I don’t think he’ll be the murderer and maybe that’s just a red herring. I like the actor who is playing our heroine’s father and I want to see more of that back story about why he took her in as his daughter and what clicked in his mind. Also, if the killer killed Moo Gak’s sister by mistake, how is that possible when he saw Cho Rim’s face when he met her at her home. Hm. I hope we get the answers or maybe it was really dark that night for him to clearly see her face. By the way, the guest appearance by the Running Man cast was a bonus and a surprise!

All in all, a nice start and I’m waiting for the next episode where it looks like our adorable pair will work as a team to solve some crime. Yay!