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The moment I read about the plans of remaking superhit Taiwanese drama In Time With You, instantly I got excited. Reason: I love stories where best friends turn into lovers! From what I have seen, I can think of three Kdramas which had that, brilliantly depicted in 9 Ends 2 Outs (also knows as Bottom Of The 9th with 2 Outs), Answer Me 1997 (awesome with capital A) and the other one being Coffee House (but it had a lot more other shenanigans and friendship-into-love was not exactly the main focal point there. And you know what, I rooted for the other girl *sobs*). Anyway, my interest increased manifold when they cast Ha Ji Won as the lead and I was busy preparing the list of actors I wanted to see in the remake. Then came the confusing news that Rain as well as Lee Jin Wook have been offered the role of the hero. I hadn’t seen any Lee Jin Wook drama then and seen most of Rain’s awesomeness, so it was obvious and natural for me to root for him to make a comeback with a good project after the disaster that was My Lovely Girl. Alas, the drama confirmed Lee Jin Wook as the main lead at last. His last show Three Musketeers was collecting dust on my list of plan-to-watch shows and hence, I finally decided to give it a go so that I can have an opinion about him and also share the excitement that everyone around me was feeling. And rest is history. I may not have become a huuuge fan but I liked him a lot as cheeky and intense and badass Crown Prince, and I’m happy to board this train of The Time I’ve Loved You, 7000 Days (doesn’t it remind you of the endless name of Heirs?), the Korean title for In Time With You. I’m really glad that Ha Ji Won will be doing a role that is not larger-than-life as her last few works were all but normal or slice-of-life kind — Secret Garden, King 2 Hearts, Empress Ki.

The Time I’ve Loved You, 7000 Days is about two childhood friends who have been besties forever. The show covers their journey as they move from 20s to 30s and continue to date other people, only to realise that they are made for each other. I think the basic premise is nothing new but it will be upto the execution, fresh screenplay, performance and feelings to make it different. I really want it to have a low-key vibe. Also, more upbeat and less melodramatic.

Behind the camera team is awesome as well. The writer did classics like Full House and Attic Cat while direction will be in the hands of PD of I Hear Your Voice and Pinocchio. Interestingly, the show is slated as a weekend drama which will take the slot from just started Divorce Lawyer In Love and premieres in June on SBS. Can’t wait!